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We can easily adjust our services to your needs. Our team of PGs and PEs can tackle the most difficult of infrastructure and natural resource challenges. From the planning stage to the actual fieldwork, you can always count on us to get the job done right.

Geotechnical and Structural Instrumentation and Monitoring

H2G places geotechnical and structural instrumentation and monitoring (GSIM) at the center of its many services. Using different types of sensors and devices including crack gages, GSIM includes data collection and analyses related to ground and structural movement. These instruments usually are deployed in vertical and horizontal construction projects. Many of our projects are from Sound Transit, WSDOT, and cities.

Instrumentation and monitoring can be custom-made to suit individual project needs. For example, ground and structural monitoring can be accomplished in more than one way such as using a sensor or manual or automated systems. 

    Environmental Monitoring and Inspection

    We have many years of experience dealing with environmental planning, inspection, and monitoring for construction projects. Some of the typical scopes include SWPPP, TESC inspection, and long-term groundwater monitoring.

    Noise and Vibration Monitoring

    We frequently deploy seismographs and sound level meters to monitor noise and vibration activities in construction projects. We use industry-standard devices and store data indefinitely on a secure server. Data also can be retrieved manually if connection is not available. All devices have automated alarm notification systems.

    Utility Locator

    To complement the geotechnical instrumentation and environmental monitoring services, H2G handles your need to locate subsurface utilities including mapping concrete foundation. H2G provides our discoveries by overlaying our result onto your project drawings.

    Photographic Documentation or Precondition Survey

    To protect project stakeholders from a potential wrongful lawsuit arising from vibratory activities, H2G documents existing conditions with still photos and videos of adjacent properties and improvements. H2G also provides digital, web-based photographic documentation.

    In addition, H2G prepares a key map and plan that includes an index of the photos and videos. Data is stored on a secure server.

    We have handled photographic documentation for large and small projects such as Sound Transit and City of Seattle projects such as Downtown Redmond Link Extension and South Park Pump Station.

    We look forward to working with you.